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    A Message From the CEO

    In the spirit of conviction and optimism, I say that our future is brighter than it was yesterday as long as we work together. I assure you that Cornerstone & Pinnacle International believes in your vision, and will accompany you on your journey in making it a reality. After all, I know that it is businesses like yours who create the job opportunities that allow those who struggle to make a living finally bring peace to their homes. 

    I want to welcome you to our network with an open heart, and assure you that my commitment to working with you will never falter no matter the challenges you may face. It doesn’t matter if the difficulties are cultural, demographic, geographic, or language based, because I know that with a little determination and focus, no obstacle is insurmountable. My parents taught me to be respectful of those who have come before me and to reach out and help those who are struggling, as I know that in business we are all a part of one big loving community of differing knowledge and talents.

    So long as you believe in yourself, I trust that we can build a most prosperous future together.

    Best regards,

    Anthony Ezeaputa

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    Our Mission

    In Education: We believe that transformation of a country or individual starts with education as it is the best way for sustainable economy. Our focus is to be a “bridge builder” between reputable Canadian Universities and students from Africa. Our network contains some of the top Colleges and Universities in Canada, and has been designed in order to provide vital information and contacts for African students searching for a quality education.

    In Business: Our mission is to effectively showcase Africa’s newly emerging economic growth in hopes of starting a discussion on why Africa matters. We want to be the catalyst that will help form powerful bonds between reputable Canadian Investors like you and major companies in Africa looking for opportunities for expansion.

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    About Africa

    As of the past few years, Africa has been turning heads across the globe. They are in the midst of a great economic change, you see, with a booming oil industry and a fast growing population. Already we are witnessing countries across the world taking contracts in African infrastructure, prospecting for African students, or even industries like Guinness taking root and selling product there.

    Africa is now in the process of embracing democracy; Nigeria has had democratically elected governments in power since 1999, and was one of the first countries in Africa to do so. The most recent government, which was elected in May 2015, has already formally assured foreign investors that their ventures will be safe and secure. Canada has had heavy hands in helping such smooth democratic processes come to pass over the past 15 years, and has also been running a program to help strengthen the electoral reform process there. Nigeria has often been a starting point for many African movements, and many people who have played critical roles in Africa’s development have called Nigeria home. Alvan Ikoku, who was basically the founder of African education, hails from Nigeria, for example. He’s the man you see on the ten naira bill of Nigerian currency.

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    Beautiful City. Beautiful People.

    Vancouver is the vacation destination of choice for British Columbians, Canadians, and international tourists. There are a vast amount of urban and cultural attractions, from arts and sports to amusement parks and shopping — not to mention world-class opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

    British Columbia’s spectacular landscapes provide the backdrops for a wide range of adventures, including mountains, rivers, beaches, forests, parks, lakes and the amazing BC hot springs. Or, if relaxation is more your thing, BC is host to excellent wine tastings and spas. At any rate, you’ll soon see for yourself why British Columbia’s tourism business is the second biggest industry in the province.

    British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province, nestled between the Pacific Ocean in the west and the majestic Rocky Mountains in the east. British Columbia generally enjoys a temperate climate- until you visit the mountains, which are renowned for their world-class skiing terrain. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

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    We Can Help

    We specialize in working with universities in opening new opportunities for African students to come to Canada to study. Canada is the most beautiful secure environment to study in the world. Our job is to make students feel at ease during the transition to their new home.

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